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27 November, 2010


25 November, 2010

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CUBASI_KASTRONO: Preview "Projects of the Pew Research Center"

CUBASI_KASTRONO: Preview "Projects of the Pew Research Center"

04 November, 2010

TRUE ! excesses cause reactions always....!

TRUE ! excesses cause reactions always....!

We have  simply corroborated ithis once more with these  latest Partial Elections in the USA.
The excess of desdain, arrogance, and lack of transparency  , the total disregard toward the people's claims, protests and petitions have  given the results  that are now almost  achieved.
People are no fools.

People can have a good common sense, despite the lack of a good level of scolarity.
Common sense does not come from the classrooms comes  with the  first breath of life.

But then the american citizenry has shown to the entire world how their DEMOCRACY WORKS .
The results of yesterday Elections is the triumph of Democracy more than the triumph of the Republicans winners of  a majority in the House of Reps. or rather more of the  people  who voted for them, out of disgust and fear of the trend that the new administration  in the White House has been proning and  trying to introduce  in the american politics.

The  dishonest, non-transparent plus the tricks used to pass legislation , as a mean to gain political capital and sympathisers,
that most americans  have rejected from the outset and that this administration has forced  down their throats, has won the
democrats this  more than evident

The numbers are there and they do not cheat.

But now comes the  time and the moment that  more than ever americans have to deal with a major ennemy and this is nothing that can be done  by either  party single handly, but has to be a true, honest and sincere  desire to solve the issues that are getting  worse and worse by day by the  mutual trust and cooperation of both parties.
America is just  waiting for results  and would be watching!
The number one of the issues is the JOBS ISSUE.

But the JOBS issue can not be solved by just injecting  tax payers moneys into paliative projects  or plans.

It most be addressed from its roots first of all.
It must be taken head on what is  one of the causes of the
compressed american  rate of growth, the transfers of american factories China and other nations .

Thus this must be addressed by repatriating  the most  of the companies  abroad,  back to America.

The second issue is the lack of and the inferior  Education Plan  or Curriculae that is  offered to the average american in the public School system and this must be  re thought out and reformed to prepare americans  for the future competition in the world market.

If  America does not improve in the level of the Education its citizens receive , then America will fall behind the
emerging powers such as China, India and even Brazil South America.
The only way America can save the jobs  for its own citizens is by improving and overhauling the present day
Educational System and its different planning schemes.

It is  thus seen that aAmerica  must bet on the future and on the new Technologies to keep its position in the WORLD MARKET PLACE.

And  this is why , the elections of yesterday must not be taken as  just the victory of the Republicans but the victory of the americans who wish a better place and future for themselves and their children.
Thus all americans must strive for that  goal.
Work for America and not  just for the people in power
or the administration  presently in power.
These elections showed that the american people are  not so duped and  rejected , repudiated and  voted against the agenda  in the minds of those in  present administration.

Plato, P. J. O'Rourke, Voltaire
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2010 02:04:46 -0400

"Excess generally causes reaction,
and produces a change in the opposite direction,
whether it be in the seasons, or in individuals, or in governments."
-- Plato
(429-347 BC)

"Government isn't a good way to solve problems ... [G]overnment is concerned
mostly with self-perpetuation and is subject to fantastic ideas about its own
capabilities. ... [G]overnment is wasteful of the nation's resources, immune to
common sense and subject to pressure from every half-organized bouquet of
assholes. ... [G]overnment is distrustful of and disrespectful toward average
Americans while being easily gulled by Americans with money, influence or
-- P. J. O'Rourke
(1947- ) US humorist, journalist, & political commentator'Rourke.Quote.8116

Pedro Martori