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21 February, 2009


Remark :
This article was written during the electoral campaign ======================================================================== com/watch? v=RpTRm3jQlFo ============================================================ WAKE UP AMERICA !!! by Pedro Martori The McCain Camp must make emphasis on the Economy and on future plans to restore the security issues for the nation IN BOTH SENSES : THE ECONOMICS and the ANTI TERRORISM ONES. IN VIEW OF THE RECENT EVENTS ,WHEREAS THE ECONOMY SECTOR, the finantial world stumbled down and showed --certainly--- some danger of fatigues, the McCain Camp must make emphasis on the Economy and the future plans to restore the security and confidence in that respect and sector of his nation, if he wishes to advance his candadicy for the President mandate. Most americans, specially those in the middle classes and the laboring one are much more worried about the future situation that might derive from the present situation in the finantial world than in any other issues at present times. Nobody can blame the present administration for what happened these few weeks ago. This Crisis was "cooking" in low fire from the times the Clintons were at the helm in the White House...even from before those days... In those days the arguments in many cyber discussions were about the balloon inflated in the Real State sector. The exhorbitancy in prices that were on "the rise " for homes and real state properties . What caused and determined the fall of the Markets and this hard blow to the Economy was a group of factors, none of them have to do with any Administration per se in the White House. To try to blame them , either the incumbent one or the precedent administrations, is pure partisanery or fanatism. Even if the problem was foreseen from the times the Clintons were at the W.House. America does not need at these moments such a scare crow and biased partialization in the present elections. And the McCain camp should do take a hint on this advise : Reassure the american general population of his plans for a recovery and the delivery of the solutions at the most expedient way and time. America needs to stand up to present and future menaces in the Economics,Technological and Military. Among the factors or components to which America must beware are: 1.-A new power is on the raise: China. 2.-A revengeful Russia and its chauvisnism is preparing to dressed up against the world again. 3.-The Oil countries or producers are aware of the Power and Influence that they might yield through the Pipelines from their oil wells. 4.- A tough competition in the manufacturing and commerce is already affecting the Job Market in North America and Europe. None of these factors was created or causes was due to any of the Administration at the helm in the White House. Thus to try to induce people in error to secure VOTES for any of the parties in the campaign is relevant only to the most ridicule and treacherous demagoguery . America has other woes coming ahead, and they are not only in the Economy field...but rather in the hatred stimulated, and induced to millions of fanatics and extremists around the world. Thus the challenge for America,or for that matter for any President in the coming future times are not just to protect american Jobs , but to protect America's security and productivity to continue creating richness and jobs for its citizens and this can only be achieved if America can protect the world from inestability as well as itself. by Pedro Martori =============================================================================== CONNECT THE DOTS BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. When electing a wartime president, > shouldn’t we conduct a thorough background check? > Has Barack Hussein Obama ever disproved his heavily-documented ties > to radical Islam, political corruption and socialism? See our proof below. > . WILLIAM AYERS, Obama’s Hyde Park neighbor, was a Weather Underground terrorist who bombed the Capitol, the Pentagon and a judge's home to perpetrate violent overthrow of the U.S. government(“Guilty as sin, free as a bird, what a country!”). Ayers, whom Obama called rehabilitated, said in 2007 he didn’t regret bombing his own country, and called education “the motorforce of revolution” in a 2006 speech to Hugo Chavez and the World Education Forum. He ended by proclaiming, “Viva la Revolution Bolivariana,” an accolade to Bolivia’s Communist Dictator and coca (cocaine)-production leader, Juan Morales. Ayers hosted a 1995 fundraiser in his home to launch Obama’s senatorial campaign. From 1995-1999 Obama chaired Ayers Annenberg Challenge multimillion-dollar educational reform organization to “radicalize” Chicago students. > . ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) is currently under investigation for voter fraud in ten states, including Connecticut and crucial swing states. ACORN operatives have submitted hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of false absentee and resident voter registrations (e.g., multiple submissions of dead, invented or incarcerated voters). The Obama campaign donated $832,000 to ACORN’s voter registration drive, and they have endorsed him for President . Aco rn is also responsible for forcing billions of dollars in unsustainable mortgages onto indigent poor. As ACORN’s lawyer, Obama filed class action suits against Citibank, among others, to compel it to make risky loans to people who couldn’t afford them. > . FANNIE MAE AND FREDDIE MAC, bankrupt federal home mortgage lenders, spent millions of tax dollars to suppress federal regulators: #1 Recipient of their hush money: Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd, head of the Senate Banking Committee; #2 Recipient: Barack Obama! Now we own these bad mortgages, thanks to President Bush and the U.S. Congress. Franklin Raines, Obama’s Economic Advisor, was forced to resign as determined he had cooked the books. He was still allowed to keep $190 million of his golden parachute. > . REV JEREMIAH WRIGHT and his liberation church (“God Damn America”). Wright married Barack and Michelle Obama, who were close friends and 20-year members of his congregation. Early this year Wright honored the race-baiting militant Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan with his church’s Lifetime Achievement award. Farrakhan, who has called Jews “bloodsuckeers,” whites “blue-eyed de vils,” and Barack Obama “The Messiah,” has endorsed Obama for president. > . RAILA ODINGA, Barack Hussein Obama’s paternal cousin, is a radical Islamist and socialist in Kenya (his eldest son is named Fidel). Obama actively supported and campaigned for Odinga -- whose website slogan is “Your Agent for Change” -- making a trip there in 2006 on taxpayer dollars. When Odinga, who wanted to impose Muslim sharia law, lost his second bid for president last December his machete-wielding supporters set fire to several Christian churches, burning alive men, women and young children who sought refuge inside. > > . TONY REZKO is a Syrian-American slumlord, whose victims were among Chicago’s poorest residents. Now in prison, Rezko is a longtime Obama supporter and campaign contributor. He invited Obama to join his low-income housing development company while Obama was still in law school. Later, as next-door neighbors, their wives worked at the same hospital; both closed on their properties the same day, and Rezko sold Obama part of his adjacent land. > . ILLEGAL TERRORIST AND FOREIGN CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTORS are among the questionable sources of funding Obama refuses to disclose. He took, for example, $33,000 from Palestinian Jihadist brothers Osama, Hossam and Edwin Monir. Others are unidentifiable due to registrations under nonsense names like “Good Will,” employed by Loving You. “Doodad Pro,” who works for EDGFDGF, donated a total of $10,780 in 1,044 small transactions. > We’re mad as hell at failed leadership and corrupt government. We don’t have to take it anymore. > JOIN MCCAIN/PALIN > CHECK FACTS:> > AYRES: “No Regrets for a Love of Exposives” (NY Times/Arts 9/11/01); “Obama and Ayers Pushed Radicalism On Schools” (Wall Street Journal 9/23/08); “CNN Finds Extensive Ties Between Barack Obama and Terrorist Bill Ayers (CNN video 10/7/08); (Ayers website: Speech at World Education Forum, Caracas, Venezuela 11/7/06). > > ACORN:“CNN Investigates ACORN Fraud, Links to Obama” (CNN video 10/10/08); “Is Patrick Fitzgerald Investigating ACORN/Obama for RICO Violations?” ( 10/9/08). FANNIE/FREDDIE: “How Fannie, Freddie Became Kings of the Hill” (NPR News 7/15/08);“Pressured to Take More Risk, Fannie Reached Tipping Point” (NY Times 10/5/08). > > JEREMIAH WRIGHT: “Is Obama’s Pastor a Liability?” (Good Morning America, ABC News 3/13/08); “Obama and the Minister” (Wall Street Journal 4/14/08). ODINGA: “Mob Sets Kenya Church on Fire, Killing Dozens” (NY Times 1/2/08); “The Kenya Connection” (NY Sun 1/10/08); “Your Agent for Change” (Odinga’s website). > > REZKO: “Obama and His Rezko Ties” (Chicago Sun-Times 4/23/07); “Grim Proving Ground for Obama’s Housing Policy” (Boston Globe 6/27/08). ILLEGAL CONTRIBUTIONS: “Obama’s ‘Good Will’ Hunting” (Newsweek 10/13/08); “Fictitious Donors Found in Obama Finance Records”20(NY Times 10/10/08). com/watch? v=RpTRm3jQlFo

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