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28 August, 2009


ENGLISH REPORT ABOUT PANFILO. The news about this poor black cuban in the island gulag that the dictatorship regime of Castros bros. has sent to jail for a term of two years, has been going around the entire globe. This news would have been never reported in any part of the planet if it were not for the fact that Panfilo ( a seudonym ) was condemned because he was filmed on a video while shouting that what the people need -- in Cuba-- is FOOD ! the slang for the word food is the word : "JAMA" . and that video began to spread around the world showing and corroborating all the accusations and denouncings made through out decades against that regime. Once more the world could get a confirmation of the dire misery and difficulties that cubans in the island are suffering and that the cubans in exile have been denouncing for decades. Panfilo is poor, is black and is HUNGRY COÑO The cuban dictatorship has rationned food and all other consumers items since comment words are needed here... BUT think that Cuba has lots of very fertile lands,a good tropical climate and enough rainfalls during the year around.... La noticia de la campaña Jama y Libertad ya apareció reproducida en el Market Watch del Wall Street Journal. Abajo un video explicando la situación de Pánfilo y su famoso video con subtítulos en inglés. situación de Pánfilo y su famoso video con subtítulos en inglés. Pásenlo a quien le pueda interesar.


NOS UNIMOS A CAMPAÑA JAMA Y LIBERTAD ***Nos unimos a la campaña Jama y Libertad y pedimos la libertad inmediata de Pánfilo, y los cubanos que están cumpliendo condenas injustas por el sólo hecho de expresar sus criterios como el Dr. Oscar Elías Biscet, el Dr. Darsi Ferrer, más todos los periodistas independientes, entre otros. Escuche la canción de Boris Larramendi ¡Jama y libertad! Esta campaña recién empieza. Algunos de los “implicados” en la realización de esta campaña, o más exactamente, de su puesta en marcha son: Alina Brouwer; Lien Carrazana; Boris Larramendi; Alen Lauzán; Enrique del Risco; Alexis Romay; Jorge Salcedo, además de Isbel Alba por su proyecto Vox Populi, que inspiró la documentación gráfica de esta campaña. Visite


PARA LOS QUE DESEEN AYUDAR A “PÁNFILO JAMA” ***Leímos en la página de Enrique del Risco esta importante nota: Juan Carlos González Marcos, Pánfilo, vivía con su madre en un solar del Vedado, en La Habana, antes de ser arrestado y condenado a dos años de cárcel el pasado 12 de agosto. Fuentes cercanas a Berta Marcos Fernández, la señora madre de Pánfilo, nos informan que ella aceptaría agradecida la ayuda humanitaria del exterior. De extraordinaria importancia nos parece, sin embargo, que este esfuerzo se realice dentro del más estricto perfil humanitario, evitando no sólo cualquier manipulación política, sino también su apariencia. Para hacer una donación directa a la madre de Pánfilo, ya sea a través de agencias de envíos, tarjetas de débitos u otro, aquí están los datos de su señora madre: Berta Marcos Fernández Calle 3ra # 158 e/ C y D, Vedado, C./ Habana. teléfono 833-0979 Para marcar directo 011-53-7-833-0979 El que lo desee puede documentar la donación fotografiando el recibo y enviando la imagen a o a

24 August, 2009

Corruption in the Banana Republics has been a true traditional affair.

by Peter Martori The fakes and demagogues preaching something that they do not practice cheat the populations of most of these nations, proposing a Social System that has proven ineficcient, inadequate and a falacy in most of the cases when it has been not implemented, but rather imposed on people. The failure of this so call socialist system lies in the corrupted mentalities, the ambitiousand deceitful minds, that without doubt we can treatas CRIMINAL MINDS. True to the very end, the corruption is corroding,pervading Latin America, but nowhere else it is more evident than in Central America ,including Mexico too, in the North of that region. Notwistanding this, the rest of the Latin countries, with very few or rare exceptions, is also rotten with the same malefical corruption,demagoguery and the would be perpetual dictators. We are witnesses of the recent case of Honduras and the toll raised by the good riddance of a former narco trafficant President , whose intentions were not too clean or legal , but that the Mass Medias and several similar "presidents" , with corrupted backgrounds,in the region have pretended to re-install Mr. Zelaya in his former post as president of Honduras. Never considering anything but their own advantage or convinience to prop up their biased and blatantly evident agendas of taking power and control it by any means and that in a perpetual mode. The Honduran ex-president wanted to change the Constitution of his country, which state very clearly and very loud , that no second term or re-election was permitted to the incumbent holder of the post. Nevertheless , the Medias keep qualifying the demoting of Mr. Zelaya as a Coup d'Etat, Golpe de Estado , which it was not and clearly LEGAL UNDER THE JURISPRUDENCE AND ARTICLES OF THE HONDURAN CONSTITUTION. But that is not only one issue to condemn Mr. Zelaya,the second one refers to his treacherous and cheating schemes to achieve his goal of changing the Articles of the Constitution that interdit , prohibit the RE-ELECTION OF A PRESIDENT IN HONDURAS. Zelaya's tactic was to place an extra number of Electoral ballot boxes at the end of the proposed consultation vote and by virtue of which the Constitution could be changed...always in his favor...not that of Democracy.It for sure was not for the people of Honduras. The leftists in the whole continent are right to be afraid of a shift in the feelings of the populations where they try to keep and perpetuate their hold of power as dictators of a typical totalitarian ilk. However, their fears will not translate into the accomplishments of their wishes ,but the contrary. People in Latin America are getting aware of the truth , they are witnessing the facts, and the exemples of corruption given so far by these Banana Presidents such as Chavez, Evo Morales, the incestuos Ortega and the narco trafficants as Zelaya , Correa and Castros. No one has seen any real positive changes in any of the nations where these banana dictators have been taking over the Sovereignity of the their respective people. Not in Castro's gulag, however the 50 yrs. that he has been ruling Cuba. From that island,all what latin american people have seen is a flood of boat people , balseros leaving,escaping the so called "socialist Cuba" that for 50 yrs, has been under constrution but that cubans are wondering , --today more than ever,--- when would that system would yield any fruits any happiness , any abundance of consumers goods,essentials of life as it was 50 years before Castro's regime came to destroy all hopes, and repress any personal private initiative, all the rights and the freedoms of the people. Yes, Latin America is swinging back to the democratical system that guarantees Freedom , Human Rights, and that's why the pendulum is moving right towaed the right ! Peter Martori cubasikastrono

CBS' Don Hewitt -- Fidel Castro Enabler

Most people around the world got duped ,cheated by the fake stories where Castro was supposed to be a good guy... but I guess that these days, after 50 yrs. of his tyrannical destruction of Cuba and hundreds of thousands lives people would start to realize who and what Castro is... It just take a brief short search in the net and history of Cuba by impartial writers or by the witness-victims recountings their stories. Or go and see by your own eyes the ruins that Castro is going to leave of what was Cuba prior to his takeover. peter martori CBS' Don Hewitt -- Fidel Castro Enabler August 22, 2009 CBS' Don Hewitt -- Fidel Castro Enabler By Humberto Fontova Forty years after his media advance-work helping install a Stalinist regime in Cuba the legendary Don Hewitt of CBS still seemed proud of his work as a Castro media auxiliary. During that interim, over 20,000 Cubans were murdered by firing squad and beaten or starved to death in forced labor camps. Another 70-80 thousand were ripped apart by sharks or drowned in the Florida straits (attempting to flee a nation that previously took in more immigrants per-capita than the U.S.) If Mr Hewitt had uttered a single word of remorse regarding this bloodbath, I'd find him easier to praise than to bury. Shortly after Herbert Matthews of the New York Times made Fidel Castro an international pop star on the front page of the (at the time ) world's most important newspaper, CBS horned in on the act. The February 1957 NYT's headline article proclaimed that, "Fidel Castro has strong ideas of liberty, democracy, social justice, the need to restore Cuba's Constitution....this amounts to a new deal for Cuba, radical, democratic and therefore anti-Communist." Castro was by no means unappreciative but it was, after all, 1957. So the New York Times' own Walter Duranty's approach (print media) for celebrating Stalin 25 years earlier wouldn't cut it for this new-generation Stalin. Indeed, at the time, Cuba (that piteously backward little pesthole the New York Times described in their article) had practically the most TV's per capita in the world (surpassed only by Monaco, the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom. Fidel Castro (much like Don Hewitt) perceived the power of that medium before most others. So he wanted his mug and message on the screen--and plenty pronto! Enter CBS. Two months after enabling Matthews' visit to Castro, the same Castro agents planted in New York contacted CBS, who quickly dispatched their ace anchorman, Robert Taber, and a camera crew to Castro's camp in Cuba's Sierra Maestra Mountains. Taber (later a founding member of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee) emerged from Cuba's hills with a long reel and tape of Castro lies that his editor/producer Don Hewitt fashioned into a 30 minute CBS/Castro snow-job titled; Rebels of the Sierra Maestra: The Story of Cuba's Jungle Fighters, that ran on May 19, 1957. Fully half of the "report" consisted of Fidel Castro facing the camera and monologuing into the mic. The liberties, rights and blessings Castro planned for Cuba's people, as transmitted by CBS, made John Stuart Mill appear like Ivan the Terrible. Regarding Castro's heart-warming and eye-misting plans for Cuba--nary a rebuttal was to be heard on this blockbuster CBS "investigative report." Two years later while Castro's firing-squads murdered hundreds of Cubans per week, Don Hewitt was again on duty. This time he was producer of Edward Murrow's CBS show "See it Now," which on February 6, 1959 featured an interview with Fidel Castro. By this time Castro had abolished habeas corpus, filled Cuba's jails with ten times the number of political prisoners as under Batista, and was murdering hundreds of Cubans by firing squad without due process. But ah! Now he'd be up against the valiant and intrepid pundit/interrogator who, employing his deadly verbal jabs, hooks and uppercuts, had KO'd that arch-villain, Joe McCarthy! Better be on your toes, Mr Castro! "That's a very cute puppy, Fidelito!" Murrow tells Fidel's son, who skips merrily on camera at their "home" in the Havana Hilton and plops on the lap of his loving and pajama-clad Papa. For the record, Castro had no "home" to speak of at the time. He slept in a different place almost every night, wore army fatigues instead of pajamas, and had never provided for his son. "When will you visit us again?" An (uncharacteristically) smiling Murrow asks a (very uncharacteristically) smiling Fidel. "And will that be with the beard or without the beard?" CBS did not breach a single issue of substance. Every night during the week that Murrow interviewed him, Fidel, Raul and Che repaired to their respective stolen mansions and met with Soviet GRU agents to button down the Stalinization of Cuba. More significantly, that Feb. of 1959, Murrow was fresh from a harangue to the Radio and Television News Directors Association of America, where he blasted television for "being used to delude us." By April 16, 2000 most people with eyes, ears and functioning brains had noticed that, for going on forty years, practically everything CBS had broadcast regarding Fidel Castro was indeed delusional. (During an interview with Castro in 1978, for instance, Dan Rather referred to his host as "Cuba's own Elvis!") But it was on that April date that Don Hewitt's brainchild, 60 Minutes, truly went the extra mile for Fidel Castro, by featuring a Dan Rather interview with Elian's father Juan Miguel Gonzalez. America saw a bewildered and heartsick father simply pleading to be allowed to have his motherless son accompany him back to Cuba, his cherished homeland. How could anyone oppose this? How could simple decency and common sense possibly allow for anything else? "Did you cry?" the pained and frowning Dan Rather asked the "bereaved" father during the 60 Minutes drama."A father never runs out of tears," Juan (actually, the voice of Juan's drama school-trained translator) sniffled back to Dan. And the 60 minutes prime-time audience could hardly contain their own sniffles. Here's what America didn't see: "Juan Miguel Gonzalez was surrounded by Castro security agents the entire time he was in the studio with Rather." This is an eye-witness account from Pedro Porro, who served as Dan Rather's translator during the famous 60 Minutes interview. Dan Rather would ask the question in English into Porro's earpiece whereupon Porro would translate it into Spanish for Elian's heavily-guarded father. "Juan Miguel was never completely alone," says Porro. "He never smiled. His eyes kept shifting back and forth. It was obvious to me that he was under heavy coercion. I probably should have walked out. But I'd been hired by CBS in good faith and I didn't know exactly how the interview would be edited - how it would come across on the screen. "The questions Dan Rather was asking Elian's father during that 60 Minutes interview were being handed to him by attorney Gregory Craig (current White House counsel, btw)," continues Pedro Porro. "It was obvious that Craig and Rather where on very friendly terms. They were joshing and bantering back and forth, as Juan Miguel sat there petrified. Craig was stage managing the whole thing - almost like a movie director. The taping would stop and he'd walk over to Dan, hand him a little slip of paper, say something into his ear. Then Rather would read the next question into my earpiece straight from the paper." "Midway through watching that 60 minutes broadcast, I felt like throwing up," said Porro. "My stomach was in a knot." His worst fears were confirmed. But the Hewitt/Rather/Craig/Castro- produced soap opera was a major national hit. Right after the 60 minutes broadcast, 70 per cent of those Americans polled on the issue, sided with Fidel Castro. Humberto Fontova is the author of four books including Exposing the Real Che Guevara. visit American Thinker: CBS' Don Hewitt -- Fidel Castro Enabler (22 August 2009)