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18 April, 2007


HOW MUCH LONGER WILL THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION WAIT TO CONFRONT THE DANGER COMING FROM CUBA AND VENEZUELA A?FTER LISTENING THE LATEST OUTSTANDING ... anti-terrorist speeches pronounced by President George W. Bush, it is difficult for the Cuban exile community to understand his intriguing inaction against Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and his brother Raúl, the “king” of the drug trafficking. Undoubtedly, they all represent a clear danger to the security of the United States of America and Latin America. Throughout the years, they have infiltrated their agents (political and military advisors, athletes, physicians, nurses, teachers, drug traffickers, etc.) in all national and local political parties and institutions, from Mexico to Argentina, to undermine their democratic governments. Castro and Chavez think that they are unbeatable and believe that with Venezuela’s oil, they could bring the United States “to its knees,” as both have repeatedly proclaimed. We all know that the now dying Cuban dictator ensured the consolidation of his revolution by blaming the United States for all his social and economic failures and by personally attacking and insulting every one of the last ten U.S. Presidents. Chavez is following Fidel's example with the hope that his actions would ensure him another forty years of power. Many times previously, Chávez has stated that he can stop the flow of oil to this country and create “the economic crisis of the century” for the U.S. Since Venezuela is the fifth leading supplier of oil to this nation and Chavez has allied himself with all enemies of this country, his threat should be seriously considered. We believe, as President Bush stated the other day, that we are a nation at war against international and domestic terrorism. Therefore, the Bush administration should take action against both Castro brothers and Chavez. Unquestionably, despite what Mr. John Shannon, Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere, has said, these leftist fanatics represent a threat to the security of this country.

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