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24 August, 2009

Corruption in the Banana Republics has been a true traditional affair.

by Peter Martori The fakes and demagogues preaching something that they do not practice cheat the populations of most of these nations, proposing a Social System that has proven ineficcient, inadequate and a falacy in most of the cases when it has been not implemented, but rather imposed on people. The failure of this so call socialist system lies in the corrupted mentalities, the ambitiousand deceitful minds, that without doubt we can treatas CRIMINAL MINDS. True to the very end, the corruption is corroding,pervading Latin America, but nowhere else it is more evident than in Central America ,including Mexico too, in the North of that region. Notwistanding this, the rest of the Latin countries, with very few or rare exceptions, is also rotten with the same malefical corruption,demagoguery and the would be perpetual dictators. We are witnesses of the recent case of Honduras and the toll raised by the good riddance of a former narco trafficant President , whose intentions were not too clean or legal , but that the Mass Medias and several similar "presidents" , with corrupted backgrounds,in the region have pretended to re-install Mr. Zelaya in his former post as president of Honduras. Never considering anything but their own advantage or convinience to prop up their biased and blatantly evident agendas of taking power and control it by any means and that in a perpetual mode. The Honduran ex-president wanted to change the Constitution of his country, which state very clearly and very loud , that no second term or re-election was permitted to the incumbent holder of the post. Nevertheless , the Medias keep qualifying the demoting of Mr. Zelaya as a Coup d'Etat, Golpe de Estado , which it was not and clearly LEGAL UNDER THE JURISPRUDENCE AND ARTICLES OF THE HONDURAN CONSTITUTION. But that is not only one issue to condemn Mr. Zelaya,the second one refers to his treacherous and cheating schemes to achieve his goal of changing the Articles of the Constitution that interdit , prohibit the RE-ELECTION OF A PRESIDENT IN HONDURAS. Zelaya's tactic was to place an extra number of Electoral ballot boxes at the end of the proposed consultation vote and by virtue of which the Constitution could be changed...always in his favor...not that of Democracy.It for sure was not for the people of Honduras. The leftists in the whole continent are right to be afraid of a shift in the feelings of the populations where they try to keep and perpetuate their hold of power as dictators of a typical totalitarian ilk. However, their fears will not translate into the accomplishments of their wishes ,but the contrary. People in Latin America are getting aware of the truth , they are witnessing the facts, and the exemples of corruption given so far by these Banana Presidents such as Chavez, Evo Morales, the incestuos Ortega and the narco trafficants as Zelaya , Correa and Castros. No one has seen any real positive changes in any of the nations where these banana dictators have been taking over the Sovereignity of the their respective people. Not in Castro's gulag, however the 50 yrs. that he has been ruling Cuba. From that island,all what latin american people have seen is a flood of boat people , balseros leaving,escaping the so called "socialist Cuba" that for 50 yrs, has been under constrution but that cubans are wondering , --today more than ever,--- when would that system would yield any fruits any happiness , any abundance of consumers goods,essentials of life as it was 50 years before Castro's regime came to destroy all hopes, and repress any personal private initiative, all the rights and the freedoms of the people. Yes, Latin America is swinging back to the democratical system that guarantees Freedom , Human Rights, and that's why the pendulum is moving right towaed the right ! Peter Martori cubasikastrono

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