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28 August, 2009


ENGLISH REPORT ABOUT PANFILO. The news about this poor black cuban in the island gulag that the dictatorship regime of Castros bros. has sent to jail for a term of two years, has been going around the entire globe. This news would have been never reported in any part of the planet if it were not for the fact that Panfilo ( a seudonym ) was condemned because he was filmed on a video while shouting that what the people need -- in Cuba-- is FOOD ! the slang for the word food is the word : "JAMA" . and that video began to spread around the world showing and corroborating all the accusations and denouncings made through out decades against that regime. Once more the world could get a confirmation of the dire misery and difficulties that cubans in the island are suffering and that the cubans in exile have been denouncing for decades. Panfilo is poor, is black and is HUNGRY COÑO The cuban dictatorship has rationned food and all other consumers items since comment words are needed here... BUT think that Cuba has lots of very fertile lands,a good tropical climate and enough rainfalls during the year around.... La noticia de la campaña Jama y Libertad ya apareció reproducida en el Market Watch del Wall Street Journal. Abajo un video explicando la situación de Pánfilo y su famoso video con subtítulos en inglés. situación de Pánfilo y su famoso video con subtítulos en inglés. Pásenlo a quien le pueda interesar.

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