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27 June, 2009


DATA, ARTICLES, NEWS, AT : CUBAVERDAD SITE BY PAUL LAMOTHE . PAUL LAMOTHE IS ONE OF MY OLDEST FRIENDS IN THE CYBERSPACE. HE LIVES IN BELGIUM AND IS MARRIED TO A CUBAN , HAS VISITED CUBA MORE THAN 15 TIMES , HE KNOWS THE CUBAN REALITY EVEN BETTER THAN MANY CUBANS WHO HAVE NEVER GONE BACK. SEVERAL YEARS AGO HE STARTED IN THE INTERNET TO WHAT MANY OF US CUBAN HAVE BEEN DOING IN THE NET.: DIVULGATE, DENOUNCE AND HELP TO UNDERSTAND THAT SAD AND TRAGICAL REALITY THAT THE CUBANS LIVE UNDER SUCH A DICTATORSHIP. HE HAS WON MY RESPECT AND MUCH MORE MY ADMIRATION FOR DOING WHAT SO MANY CUBANS DON'T DO. HIS WORK HAS BEEN A TITANICAL AND EXTRAORDINARY ONE IN ORDER TO DEFEND DEMOCRACY AND THE FREEDOM FOR THE CUBAN PEOPLE BY DIVULGATING TO THE WORLD AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE THE HORRORS AND TRAGICAL LIVING CONDITIONS OF THE CUBAN IN THAT UNFORTUNATED ISLAND. Pedro Martori Montreal, Quebec. Canada ======================================================================== Dear all,Excuse this intrusion in your mailbox. We have no intent to spam. We just want to present our initiative.I am hereby forwarding you one of the latest news updates from our web archive: archive has over 44,000 news articles going back 9 years.At the site you can subscribe to receive the updates (like the one shown below) in your mailbox.We will not send you any other mail. This is an "opt in" scheme.The site mentioned above also has a RSS newsfeed: the last 10 posts.I also invite you to visit our blogs: years, over 24,000 posts) posts, a couple of months old - note: this uses the more sophisticated Wordpress interface)Initiativo Cubaverdad is build around our website: which can also be reached via http://www.cubaverdad.orgOur latest initiative is a "beta test" of an online RSS fed news site about Cuba.We have a Wordpress version up and running, but are looking for other tools that would allow more feeds to be integrated.. that this site includes feeds from the Castro press.Contact us at: cubaverdad@gmail.comPlease pass on this message to anyone you think may be interested.Thank you,Initiativo Cubaverdad.Contact us at: cubaverdad@gmail.comWho are we?The "Initiativo Cubaverdad" is no more than a group of people with friends and family in Cuba that deeply care about the human rights situation in Cuba.We want to inform people about the reality in Cuba providing information to ensure that people have a true view of daily life and political reality in Cuba. We therefore have created a website with accompanying blogs and e-group.Contact us at:"The Cuban government is based on lies and cheap propaganda. That is why it is afraid of words and the truth."Raul Rivero, April 2006, University of Sevilla, Spain."El Gobierno cubano se basa en la mentira y en la propaganda barata. Por eso le tiene miedo a la palabra, a la verdad" From: [] Sent: vrijdag 26 juni 2009 13:22To: CubaVerdad@yahoogroups.comSubject: [CubaVerdad] Digest Number 3600News and facts about Cuba Messages In This Digest (25 Messages)

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