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06 April, 2009


THE CUBAN SYSTEM OR PLAN OF EDUCATION FOR PRE-UNIVERSITY LEVEL , PRIOR TO CASTRO'S REGIME. This was the old program used in Cuba Pre-University level , before 1959. In Cuba the Pre-Universitary level was 5 years with fixed subjects or matters for each year of assistance. The Plan was conceived to prepare the students to enter at the University with the utmost of knowledge or backgrounds in all fields . The student only had to chose to which branch or career he or she wished to go into the Univ. level. THE SUBJECTS IN CUBAN BACHILLERATO ? Thanks to these Educational Plans and System, Cubans excelled when they arrived to the USA and soon began to get into the top positions in many corporations and companies. or succeded in their own businesses . A good service to that country should be a contribution to a reform and new Educative Plan in that nation. Specially when the trading markets or commercial shares of the nations are becoming extremely comptitive. Cuban Education Plans from prior to Castro's bloody dictature gave us the backgrounds that helped us in our lives, it is now our time to share this tool. Cuban Pre-Universitary High School ( Instituto de Bachillerato ) SUBJECTS COMPRISED PER EACH SCHOOL YEAR FIRST YEAR : 1.Spanish 1st. year 2.Mathematics 1st. year 3. English 1st year 4. General Physical Geography 5.Pre-History and medieval History 6. PT Physical Training 1st year SECOND YEAR : 1.Spanish 2nd year 2.Mathematics 2nd year 3.English 2nd year 4.Geopolitical Geography ( Econm.) 5.Modern and Comteporary History 6.Physiology,Anatomy and Hygiene ( Complete Topo-anatomical study of the Human Body) 7.PT Physical Training ( sports in General) THIRD YEAR : 1.-Spanish 3rd. year 2.Mathematics 3rd year ( Geometry and Trigonometry ) 3.English 3rd year 4.Geography of Cuba ( from the Geological times to Econom. Geo.) 5.History of Cuba 6.Civical Behaviour and Social Ethics 7.Physics 1st year ( Atomic elements, Dynamics, Mechanics ,Statical Physics) 8.Psychology 9.PT Physical Trainning 3rd FOURTH YEAR 1.Spanish 4th year 2.Mathematics 4th year 3.Physics 2nd year ( Electricity, Electromagnetism,Calorimetry ) 4.Inorganic Chemistry 5.Natural Sciences 6. Political Economy 7.Agricultural Sciences 8.PT. Physical Trainning 4th year FIFTH YEAR : 1.Mathematics.. ( Light or low level OF CALCULUS ) 2.Physics 3rd year ( Thermodynamics, and Optics ) 3. Organic Chemistry 4. BIOLOGY

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