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07 March, 2012


               IN GOD WE TRUST !       


Mr. Obama,it is time make apologies to America and not the other way around !
by Peter Martori

It became a new trend in the late 70s to blame and  accuse America of being
"nosing"  meddling  everywhere in the world, or of being a bulliing  super power,
even yet worse,the leftists and their  bosses in the Kremlim and Beijing ,
labelled America as "the world's gendarme".
This stigma till prevails in the minds of the leftists as well as in many other millions
of people's minds.

Criticisized because of her many interventions around the world, and because of
her own interests as a rivaling  super power during the "Cold War" period
and forced to bring  safety and estability  --and if possible Democracy -- in many countries
or regions her role as a main actor in these goals endeavours has frequently backlashed
at her ..
When going out to protect other nations from aggressive communists  moves,
America has become the most scorned nation in the planet and at the same
time the most envied by most nations.

But what those leftists around the world and the USA's ennemy nations forget
-- more than often -- are all those moments, in modern and contemporary History,
where its presence or intervention was  crucial and determinant , such as in
the two World Wars.

It is necessary to remember or remark that in the times when WWI (1914-1918)
took place the USA was only an emerging power and had not achieved that
super power status that is hers today ,and thus was not yet so influential in the worl"s

The fact is that in the last  war ( WWII ) it was her powerful industry
and  resources what helped to defeat Nazi Germany. and this is a fact long time
gone forgotten by many of the same nations that not only were freed
by America intervention but on top of it were finatianlly assisted to rebuild their
Economies from the ashes by pumping into them billions of dollars.

Forgotten , also by many, ignored  by so many others or even omitted in most cases ,
is that famous Marshall's Plan, through which America's has given to Europe
and the ex-URSS, and to  Japan hundreds of millions to rebuild or reconstruct
their nations' Economies. Yet, NONE of those nations was subjected to colonization
or controlled by America as it did happen to about a dozen Eastern European
nations under the communist rule of the Soviet Union.

It was America which helped them, no one else and that without any tags attached.
As it is obvious and can be observed, neither Germany nor Japan, or Taiwan or South
Korea went under the rule and control of America, yet they all were beneficiaries
of huge amounts of economic assistance that helped these nations to become
power economic houses. West Germany, Japan,South Korea
or  even tiny Taiwan are independent nations.

And lastly another exemple of America support for Democracy and Freedom
is her continous and long lasting support of the State of Israel to the tune of about
$3 billions  a year. Yet, no one can say that Israel is a colony or a puppet controlled
by America . But  even going further with this argument : A question imposes by itself :
What about the billions  of dollars to support Egypt during the period after
the war between Israel and Egypt ?
What benefits or profit America has got in return for that assistance ?

 Another fact fallen into oblivion,that leftists forget conveniently is the
assistance givein by the USA to the ex-URSS under the Lease Contract
Agreement.By mean of which the USA  became the main and the only nation
supplying the Soviet Union with war material and food supplies amounting
to several hundreds millions tons in weapons,(artillery, tanks, airplanes, munitions etc.)

The most apalling of all these ingratitudes toward America is the fact that
very seldom we hear any comparisons between what happen to Western
Europe and Japan in the Post War and what  happened to Eastern Europe.
The first was helped by America, and freed, the later were subjected to
anexation, exploitation and enslaved until 1991.
It must be remembered  that all of Eastern European nations were
colonized by the ex_Soviet Union after the defeat of the nazi Germany

However, which  of the defeated nations was colonized by America ?
Which of the liberated nations was subjected intoa colonial status as it was
the case for those Eastern European nations under the "socialists" soviet russians?

These ennemies of America forgot the fundamental role that America played in
the total liberation of Asia, almost single handlely and of course of Europe and all of it
with the sacrifices of several hundreds of thousands of american lives.

Moreover , when a cataclysm or catastrosphe strike or hit any nation, the first to be
pledging  their help or assistance are the americans and almost as well the first to arrive.

As it has been, demonstratedly, during the Tsunamies that hit Indonesia  and the
South Pacific islands first and then Japan last year.
Those lefties  do not take  notice or even mention that these "nosing" and "intrusive"
americans that are putting their noses "everywhere " ..
a Hospital Ship and tons of food, medicaments and clean drinking water for the
victims of the Haitian earthquake.
Moreover, the same medias leftists and the left in general, never recognized
the fact that  during the Kosovo, and the conflict in Croatia and Servia Herzegovine,
the USA was called up to come and help, specially in the Kosovo crisis and were it not for
that intervention by these "nosy" americans the Kosovo would not be there today.

The americans were not going to go to Lybia, but lybians were asking and calling America...
and the europeans  to come  help them against  Colonel Khadaffi.
And yes America did take part  in the Lybian revolution, but we all must remember
that  it was mainly by the bias of air strikes and in support for the OTAN'S and Canada's
Air Forces. On this intervention America was under the OTAN 's call and command.

Most of these anti-american do not know their facts stright enough.
We must refresh or make them know some of them. Such as the bail out of
the Mexican Bank crisis, during Bill Clinton 'administration
And  yes America !   , America lent billions of dollars to Mexico to keep
their Economy afloat.

When famine strikes in African countries, the biggest amounts of food  to paliate
the hunger of millions of somalians, ethiopians,sudanese or even north koreans, in Asia,
comes out of that same "nosy" America. ...and always for humanitarian reasons,

It her role as the greatest power in the world and her responsability too.

When people flee or escape from their own nations and look for a refuge haven
millions  of them have  look forwar to get into America. Vietnamese, cubans, haitians,
When hunger and poverty and  unemployment are the lot of their daily life in poor
Latin America, Asia or African nations ...where do they turn their  eyes and look for 
hope ? Yeah ! you people got it ! AMERICA !!!!
So now it is time to reimbourse America somehow. Maybe with some moral and political
support and understanding that  her world role is inherent to her powerful Economy,
Technology and Military strength. That were it not so, the world would more likely
would be under severe menaces and dangers coming from the totalitarian regimes and
crazy dictators.  NOW it is time to apologize to America and not the other way around !

By Peter Martori

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