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01 June, 2010



by : Peter Martori

By dire lack of understanding a majority , lead by a small percentage, voted in 2009 Mr. Hussein Obama into the White House. The American were mislead by a barrage of adverse propaganda or bad image publicity against the President George W. Bush, and thus the war in Iraq was used as another subterfuge to demonize Mr. Bush. Most Americans seemed to have forgotten that some time before the war has hit right in their own soil: the Twin Towers in Manhattan, New York. It was September 11th, 2001 .

After the coward aggression, most of America, including the always anti-American liberal Mass Medias journalists were ready to accept and indeed supported the retaliation against all of America’s foes and those responsible for that attack on American soil.

But the mass medias which were responsible for the bad or adverse image that Mr. Bush has gained thru his last two years at the helm of the nation did not stop at demonizing Mr. Bush

They kept the beat , right into the presidential campaign of 2009, capitalizing on the already demolished image that they themselves have constructed around and on Mr. Bush. Now, the new presidential elections were on the scope and the new victims were the rival or opponents candidates to Hussein Barack Obama ,it was the time to demolish the images of Ex-Governor Sarah Palin and John McCain.

Nothing stop them to lie, twist facts or invent stories, attacking on , even on subjects such as Sarah Palin’s intimate family affairs. They had forgotten that for Hussein Obama and his family they were told and advised that : “family was off limits” !

However like a pack of hungry hyenas they fell upon Mrs. Palin family. Yes ! America needed a change, but not the one these liberaloides wanted to impose upon most Americans. But that small percentage of America was wrong to vote Mr. Obama into the presidential seat. Today that same America is reckoning its mistake. The backlash didn’t wait too long to be and grow into a new America that the partisans of Mr. Obama did not suspect they will have to contend with.

Simply , America want to go back to its true and successful times and not to the “changes” that Mr. Obama has in mind and never has transparently told to the Americans, including his own supporters. If he would do that, even many of his supporters, a very substantial part of those who came out to vote for him would go back this time to vote him out of there.!
. Obama’s agenda is one that -- we know -- is characterized by the dogmas and the false principles of the communist or Marxists ideologues.

He wishes the socialization of America but that can’t lead to any good or any beneficial results , because it has been a failure in most of those nations that fell under the rule of a single political party and a one man dictatorship. And it is so ,that the rule by any tyranny , instead of for the well being of the people, have brought misery, slavery, desperation, repression and finally the destruction of the nations in more than one way. Thus if his agenda triumph, America would be under the controls of a gang that only cares for power and the destruction of the America we all have known. A new Cuba, or North Korea instead of that America that has been the refuge for millions fleeing oppression and misery.

America, therefore, can’t defend Freedom abroad while it neglects its own Freedom at home ! This means that American people must by all means defend themselves from any one, included the traitors in the government and pro-socialists, the Medias liberaloides in the Democratic party.

The suppression or censorship of the entrenched right -- entrenched in the Constitution’s First Amendment – can be done in many ways, without a law or a dictak from a tyranny. It can be suppressed by the barrage of misleading lies or false facts and other subterfuge that might keep the truth buried under the powerful media machine. We saw that in the Watergate case.
However , we almost saw nothing like it during the Monicagate… and this should give anyone in America the measure of what the powerful Mass media machine can do to influence, distract or divert the public opinion in the direction they want. During those days of the Monica Lewinsky affair, most of americans thought that Bill Clinton would be impeached, but it didn’t happen. These are examples of the biases and partisanship of most medias and its people.

These are the very same people who would help anyone like Obama to establish the rule of one single party, or the disguised dictatorship using the mask of a traditional party, the Democratic party. Americans can’t allow that this happen to them. That’s why they need re-elections after re-elections.the same gang , the same traitors to America’s Democratic Traditions.

Because communist or socialism ,such as seen in the perspectives of these people, either pro-Marxists or pro Maoists or worse as admirers of Castro’s gulag type of regime, and which means slavery, repression, of any political dissent or the agreement that competition of ideas ,not censorship must prevail, or that the internet is not a threat to democracy but much the contrary. And whoever is afraid of the free, public discussions of ideas is because is afraid of the confrontation of opposed ideas and thus of the freedom of expression.

These latest days we read that the new administration wishes to exert some controls of the Internet, but nothing can be so detrimental , destructive and obstruct the diversity and the freedom of expression in the world of today than a controlled Internet.

It is simple to discern that the new technology has become the PEOPLE’S means to communicate and to get informed or disseminate information in a very spontaneous and free way. And that nobody can’t or should censor ,control this freedom and flow of world wide exchange of ideas, information and data. Only the ones who are afraid of the freedom of expression have that vested interests in depriving the people of their freedom of information, expression and speech.

Therefore, America is awakening and reckoning the dangers it has brought upon itself by electing people whose interests are none of theirs. None of AMERICA’S INTERESTS.

And Americans, true Americans want that America back ! 

America that most people in this planet envy and jealously attack. The one America that has been the haven for millions of people from every corner of the world. America of Freedom ! America of Opportunities, America for those cherished dreams of anyone who come to it , not just to grab and take, but also to give and sacrifice for her.

So America, wakes and tell those guys :
You wished “change” and yelled : yes ! we can …
ut forgot to finish the sentence with : We can lie !
And now let’s get our America back !

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