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28 June, 2009


CUBASI_KASTRONO THIS IS A BLOG FOR DEMOCRACY AND FREEDOM LOVERS. THIS BLOG IS AGAINST THAT BLOODY DICTATORSHIP OF KASTRO IN CUBA AND ALL HIS ACCOMPLICES AROUND THE WORLD. BUT THIS BLOG TRUE TO ITS COMMITMENTS IS DEMOCRATICALLY OPEN TO ANY ONE . .. WOES AS WELL AS FRIENDS OF FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY. IT IS OUR DUTY TO STRUGGLE FOR THE FREEDOM OF THE CUBAN PEOPLE AND NOT FOR THE PERPETUATION OF THE TYRANNY LASTING FOR THE LAST 50 YEARS IN THAT ISLAND.. FREEDOM FOR CUBA NOW ! ---------000----------------------000-----------------------000----------- Trade liberty for safety or money and you'll end up with neither. Liberty,like a grain of salt, easily dissolves. The power of questioning -notsimply believing- has no friends. Yet liberty depends on it. -------------0000-------------------0000------------------0000---------- Cambie la Libertad por Dinero o seguridad material y ud. terminara sin ninguna de las dos. La Libertad es como un grano de sal se disuelve facilmente. El derecho o poder cuestionar, preguntar --no simplemente creer -- no tiene amigos. Sin embargo, LA LIBERTAD DE DEPENDE DE ELLO.!

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