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23 June, 2009

Friends! we need your vote

Friends! OK, so this is serious! You know I don't forward old email jokes or those 'feel good' emails... I respect everyone's Inbox! But today, I write to you because Eileen and I NEED YOUR VOTE! We entered the Murphy-Goode Winery correspondent competition. The winner will be the media face for the winery for 6 months, for a salary of $10K per month! Our duties would include heading their social media efforts on the web, like Facebook, Twitter, etc, as well as creating publicity for them and attending social gatherings.. right up our alley! As part of the contest entry, we had to submit a 60 second video... and ours came out great! Please click on the link below and PLEASE vote for it!... we would be very grateful for your vote!!!! Don't procrastinate... do it now.. it'll take 24 seconds (43 if you are on dial-up!)! Here's the link.... REMARKS : as you enter the site and enter your email it will count as a vote.

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