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25 December, 2011

Of Pardons and Forgetting / Yoani Sánchez

I have been trying to write and tell to whomever wish to pay attention or read,
that the half century bloody and repressive regime, despite the fact  that  it has been discredited ,
disavowed by the very same sick of his mind Fidel Castro, when he himself said  
--cynically and inmorally -- "THAT THE SYSTEM DID NOT WORK EVEN FOR THEM IN CUBA..."  
this was in reference to the "socialist regime", something that by now we all should know 
that all of it has been a scam and a cheating scheme by him and  his communist 
assessors or  communist party "'counselors and colaborators"'.

That this scam served his purpose to impose a "socialist" tyranny it to the cubans,not because it was a solution for improvement BUT because it was a mean to control and keep power for an indefinite time
should be well understood and assesed .

It was demagoguery, and the "socialisst regime" just another  subterfuge that has  not worked or improved lives of people anywhere in the world. But you dear readers should  just check what happened to the entire Eastern Block...!

The scheme at the time then,was for him of imperious need to create an artificial or bogus ennemy.

The invented ennemy USA  was his excuse to impose his will and rule in a totalitarian way 
for the last 50  + years.
And on top of it  to render Cuba an almost colony of the ex-Soviet Union in exchange for protection, 
weapons and assistance. 

Yet despite all of these facts  that are so self evident , the Mass Media has not dared , ever, to defend, or support the cuban people, those who in exile or from within have been fighting the Castros for as long as the same regime's existance. They have  chosen to support the tyrann and not the people.
Soby this bias  they have served Castro's sanguinary and repressive regime by covering up all those facts that  would be seen as despicable, condemnable and would discredit that regime. Instead of investigating in depth and listening to the hundreds of thousands of refugees arriving to the USA and other neighboring nations. LaDemajagua 1868


Of Pardons and Forgetting / Yoani Sánchez

Posted by: "PL"   cubaverdad

Sat Dec 24, 2011 10:54 pm (PST)

Of Pardons and Forgetting / Yoani Sánchez

Translator: Unstated, Yoani Sánchez

“Don’t be naive,” “You’re going to be left with a packed suitcase,” 
friends everywhere tell me, with the best of intentions. But an inmate 
always dreams that the door will open, that the jailer himself will take 
the keys and draw back the bars. Instead of immigration reform, the 
highlight of what was announced in the National Assembly yesterday was 
limited to a pardon for 2,900 prisoners. A subtle way of telling us that
real cells are easier to eliminate than bureaucratic ones, that a 
certificate of release can be signed more quickly than the repeal of the
exit permit. I don’t know if Raul Castro could comprehend the 
frustration caused by his words yesterday, the discouragement generated 
by the absence of the announcement his own spokespeople had predicted.

I put my suitcase back in the corner of the room, rearranged my plans 
for Christmas Eve and called my mother to confirm that I am staying. I 
imagine that in thousands of Cuban homes today they are celebrating 
because their relatives will soon leave some sordid penitentiary. But I
also know that on this December 24th there are many who feel cheated, 
once again deceived. How much time does government need to erase the 
limitations on movement that it itself imposed on its citizens? Is it 
possible that in this country the word “gradually,” or the phrase “we 
are working to implement this or that measure,” is, in reality, 
synonymous with “never.” How can they continue to justify something that 
no longer has any ethical or legal form to sustain it? When will a 
presidential pardon arrive for those condemned not to enter or leave 
their own country?

But I don’t want the government’s immobility to make me sad in these
days, nor let the stubbornness of our authorities spoil my Christmas 
festivities. Instead, at midnight I will empty my glass, hug my son, 
outline my future plans for 2012. For a short time, I will forget the 
bars, erase from my mind the image of a General who grants indulgences, 
who plays with the life of whole nation, and calls what is simply fear: 
Taking small steps.

24 December 2011

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