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24 February, 2009

RALLY IN NEW YORK FOR DEMOCRACY IN CUBA RALLY IN NEW YORK FOR FREEDOM IN CUBA. We are organizing a Cuban pro democracy rally in New York City on Sunday March 1. It would be great if you can join us there and/or support this effort in any way possible. All Cuban American organizations around New York City are invited. We are also trying to reach the Cuban American students from Columbia, NYU, Rutgers, Yale… We want this rally to have a lot of positive energy and we need as many talented people as possible. This is an anti Castro rally, but most importantly, this is a pro democracy rally, and a very inclusive one. We want people to know what we stand for (democracy, human rights, fundamental freedoms for all), beyond party lines or narrow political ideology. So republicans, democratas, libertarians, independents and all those in between, are welcome. Would you help us spread the word? Would you join us? You can find more about the rally here or by contacting us at Thanks, Alexis Romay Comité Organizador Protesta en Nueva York

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