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15 January, 2010

Dick Morris Letter Below!

Dick Morris Letter Below!

Dear Reader:

Time is critical. Americans all over the country are fed up with the Obama administration. They don't want his radical healthcare program.

Citizens from states like Massachusetts, Nebraska, Florida and others are rising up as never before.

Even in liberal states such as Massachusetts citizens are showing their outrage over the Obama-Pelosi-Reid alliance and it's dismal record at creating jobs and inability to protect us against terrorism.

The Democrats know that the final vote has not taken place on the healthcare bill and that key senators and congressmen are starting to waver.
The politicians in Washington have seen the latest Rasmussen poll with Obama's job approval down to 46 percent.
It is vital that we strike right now with a TV ad campaign in key states across the nation. States such as Massachusetts, Nebraska, Colorado, Florida and others must be targeted to expose the dangerous Obama-Pelosi-Reid healthcare plan and the trios out-of-control spending plans.
If polling data and other indices of public opinion reflect the growing outrage at Obama, the liberals in Washington will think twice before they vote for more taxes, spending, and regulation.

The League of American Voters will have a new ad this weekend exposing Obama-Pelosi-Reid and their allies.
The League, where I serve as chief strategist, urgently needs to spend $500,000 this weekend and beyond in states like Massachusetts.

You can help this effort by Going Here Now
I believe this ad will galvanize public opinion against Reid and Pelosi and Obama and offer real checks and balances in Washington.

Please donate in the next 24 hours so the ads can have an immediate effect on the national debate — Go Here Now.

Dick Morris

Paid for by the League of American Voters. Contributions to the League of American Voters are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Contributions from individuals and corporations are permitted by law and welcome.

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