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21 March, 2010

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Governments have murdered hundreds of millions of their citizens and those under their control. The questions are, then, how is this democide defined, is genocide included, how many have been killed, how do we find this out, and what sources can be used?


Chapter: The new concept of democide: Definition and qualifications [1]

Table: empirical types of democide [5]

Paper: Democide versus genocide: which is what?

Article: What is Genocide?

Class syllabus on repression and democide

Appendix: methods and procedures for estimating democide [2]

Chapter: pre-20th Century democide [1]

Chapter: estimates, calculations, and sources [5]

Table: selected democides [1]

Defining mortacracy as democide and demoslaughter

Who were the Mortacracies of 2005?

The table in the upper right is from Table 3.1 of Death By Government.

Look for Democidio in Google. :

Professor Rummel, University of Hawai

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